Sky Contact Number

To contact Sky, ucall their freephone customer service helpline on this phone number: 0800 151 2747.

You can contact Sky customer service advisors on the phone by calling freephone 0800 151 2747. Problems with Sky Broadband, Sky Talk, Sky TV, Apps, ID or any other Sky department should be directed to these phone numbers. Queries about buying or upgrading to new Sky services, scheduling or cancelling engineer appointments or moving your Sky service to a new address should also be directed to these contact numbers.

If instead you prefer to contact Sky online, there is a comprehensive Sky help page at which lists FAQs, advice on different Sky problems (including known problems with Sky TV or Sky Broadband reception), and has the option for a live chat service with an online Sky advisor.

Sky Complaints

Sadly there can be exceptional circumstances when a company makes a tremendous billing error or a member of staff acts in an unprofessional manner, and as such a large company Sky is no exception. If you have to make a complaint about Sky please use the phone number below relevant to the department that you wish to make a complaint about.

Sky Complaints Team UK Phone Number
TV Complaints 0330 041 2558
Make a Complaint about your Broadband Service 0330 041 2559
Sky Talk Complaints 0330 041 2561
Apps Complaints 0330 041 2562