Lycamobile Contact Number

Contact Lycamobile on their UK customer service telephone number 0207 132 0322 for monthly contract or pay as you go SIM enquiries before purchasing additional add-on data and international calling minutes.


About Lycamobile

Lycamobile is a mobile phone network that is well-known for its pay as you go and prepaid SIMs that enable customers to call international numbers at an affordable rate. Alternatively, you can purchase a Lycamobile monthly contract to use in the UK alone, bundled with a set allowance of minutes, texts and online data.


Lycamobile Customer Services – 0207 132 0322

Contact Lycamobile on their UK customer services telephone number 0207 132 032 to make an enquiry about your pay as you go SIM or tariff deal if you are unable to dial 322 from your mobile. Alternatively, if you are a new customer then you can discuss the tariff packages available such as the Lycamobile World Plan X bundle that offers unlimited international calling at a cost of £30 a month. Callers can also order a free prepaid calling card or a Lycamobile pay as you go SIM so that can top up your UK and international minutes at your convenience. Furthermore, existing customers can use this number to discuss how to upgrade their tariff to a deal with a greater number of inclusive minutes and data. If you would like to leave your tariff early then you should ask the customer service representative how much your cancellation fee will be as the charge depends on the remaining installments left in your contract.

You should also contact the Lycamobile customer services team for assistance with basic account transactions such as paying your mobile phone bill or clearing any arrears following a late payment. Alternatively you may wish to set up a monthly direct debit payment if you currently pay your mobile phone contract manually at a PayPoint outlet. The Lycamobile team can also help customers who would like to check their available data allowance before purchasing any international roaming add-ons to get online when abroad.


Costs of Calling

Lycamobile’s UK customer service department runs a 02 contact number meaning that all calls will be charged the same standard per-minute rate for any local telephone call made from a mobile or landline. However, it should be noted that existing Lycamobile customers can contact a representative for free if they dial 322 from their mobile handset. The Lycamobile customer services line is available to be contacted 7 days a week and is available during the opening hours of 9am-6pm Monday to Sunday.


Lycamobile Phone Numbers

Lycamobile Department UK Contact Numbers Opening Hours
Lycamobile Customer Services 0207 132 0322 9am-6pm Monday to Sunday
Customer Services from your Lycamobile handset 322 9am-6pm Monday to Sunday


Lycamobile Online Enquiry Form

Sometimes the most convenient way to get in touch with a Lycamobile customer service representative is to do so online when filling out your contact details and details about your enquiry or complaint on their Online Enquiry Form.