HMRC Contact Number

Contact HMRC for tax advice by calling their main phone number – call their mobile-friendly helpline on 0300 200 3300 for free if you have inclusive minutes in your mobile contract.

Phone HMRC by calling their main phone number – call their local-rate helpline 0300 200 3300. HMRC is the UK government agency responsible for tax collection and tax-related payments, such as tax credits and child benefit. Please use our list below to find the HMRC department that you need to contact, which includes income tax and national insurance advice teams. For full details of HMRC tax office departments and their corresponding contact details please visit the official HMRC contact-listings website

Summary of HMRC Phone Numbers

HMRC Department UK Contact Number
Income Tax 0330 200 3300
Self-Assessment Tax Returns 0300 200 3310
HMRC – Tax Credits 0345 300 3900
HMRC – Child Benefit Payments 0300 200 3100
National Insurance Contributions 0300 200 3500
HMRC – Employer Enquiries 0300 200 3200
VAT Enquiries 0300 200 3700

HMRC Postal Addresses

If you would prefer to write to HMRC to make your enquiry, or if you need to send them forms relevant to your tax or benefit claim please use the address relevant to you. If your enquiry relates to income tax or Self Assessment taxation please use this address:

Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment,
HM Revenue and Customs,
BX9 1AS,
United Kingdom.

To contact HMRC about your Child Benefit payments please use this postal address:

HM Revenue and Customs – Child Benefit Office,
PO Box 1,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
NE88 1AA,
United Kingdom.

If you have a query about your national insurance contributions or you believe you are on the incorrect tax code please send you letter to this address:

National Insurance Contributions and Employer Office,
HM Revenue and Customs,
BX9 1AN,
United Kingdom.

Finally if you would like to write to HMRC to query a VAT payment or statement please write to their dedicated team of advisors at this address:

HM Revenue and Customs – VAT Written Enquiries Team,
Alexander House,
21 Victoria Avenue,
SS99 1BD,
United Kingdom.