First Utility Contact Number

If you wish to pay less for the electricity that runs the appliances in your house, then you should contact First Utility on their enquiries phone line on 01926 320 700.

If you call First Utility, you’ll learn more about why the Big Five is taking more than is necessary from you with their standard tariff rates. You will also learn about how you can change this. The gist of the matter is that if you switch to First Utility, you’ll be able to save more. First Utility even has a unique way of saying this and simultaneously promoting their brand in their 2016 advertisement that has a herd of unicorns running around a city providing ‘HD Electricity’. They then contradict their statement by saying that there is no such thing as ‘HD Electricity’ and that every kind of electricity (in a given area) is the same. They posit this question in the end: why pay more?

Contact Number for First Utility

For First Utility customers and those who want to be one, call them on 01926 320 700 for more information about their rates and how to switch to them.

If you smell gas vacate the property as quickly as possible then contact the National Grid for free on their emergency helpline 0800 111 999 to let them know of the issue with your First Utility supply. Similarly if you experience a powercut phone 105.

First Utility Live Chat

The First Utility team can also be reached via live chat. You only have to go to their website and use the chat option at

Email First Utility

First Utility also provides answers to enquiries and comments via their email form at: we-handle- complaints

Social Media First Utility

You can tweet your messages to them @FirstUtility.

You can message them on Facebook at:

You can also check out their videos on Youtube, which includes the aforementioned unicorn advert.