E.ON Contact Number

If you have questions about the services offered by E.ON, then don’t hesitate to contact their customer service and general information phone numbers 0345 303 3040 (prepayment meter) or 0345 303 3020 (credit meter).

E.ON is originally a German based energy producer that has since established a strong brand presence in the UK. E.ON is unlike any other energy supplier in that they are actively trying to figure out what the next step is. They understand their role in the environmental sustainability efforts to preserve the Earth for future generations hence they now have power plants and experimental technologies that produce energy through renewable and sustainable means.

Telephone Numbers for E.ON

There are three types of meters that E.ON offers their customers. For each of these types of meter, there is a customer service phone line that you can contact.

If you’re using a prepayment meter, then you can reach their customer helpline on 0345 303 3040. If you’re using a credit meter, then the contact number to call is 0345 303 3020. The third type of meter is the Smart Meter and the corresponding phone number to dial is 0345 366 5976.

If you have just transferred from a different supplier then call E.ON on 0345 302 3473 if you have a prepayment meter or on 0333 202 4610 if you have chosen to use a credit meter in order to activate your E.ON account.

If you have complaints about their products and services, then call them up on 0333 202 4606.

Accessibility Contact Numbers for E.ON

If you’re deaf, then contact E.ON’s textphone helpline for free on 0800 056 6560.

If you would like to receive bills and correspondence in Braille, then call them up 0333 202 4674.

E.ON on Twitter

If you prefer not to call them on the telephone, then you can just send your enquiries via tweet to @EONhelp.