CSA Contact Number

If you and your child were abandoned by the child’s other parent and you want help locating them to ask for child support payments, then contact the CSA on their phone number 0345 713 3133.

Relationships are very easy at one moment and very complicated at the next. Lovers always seek to please each other and to be with each other but when things change then one partner may decide to quit on the relationship and be alone. For may relationships this is the case – and there is nothing really wrong about it. It’s just two people who can no longer get along. If however this breakup has affected another person in the relationship in the form of their child, then the government needs to intervene.

The CSA needs to be contacted when a parent refuses to support a child or even acknowledge that a child is theirs. This is something that is very difficult for the parent caring for the child to handle alone, especially when the negligent parent is adamant in his assertion. Getting child support is equally difficult if the other parent is in hiding.

Customer Service Numbers for the CSA

For both of these cases, the CSA can be called for help and guidance. Just give the CSA helpline a ring by dialling 0345 713 3133 on the phone or on 0345 713 8924 if you’re contacting them from a textphone. If you have to make child maintenance payments and you would like to know what your available payment options are and for assistance in setting up these payments please phone 0800 0835 130 for free. If you need any of these CSA services in Welsh please call their dedicated helpline 0345 713 8091 (CSA Llinell Gymorth Cymraeg: 0345 713 8091).