BT Contact Number

Contact BT for free by calling 0800 800 150 or call the main BT customer service phone number 0843 504 7163.

Phone the team of BT customer service advisors on 0843 504 7163 or call their freephone contact number 0800 800 150. BT are one of the largest telecommunications service providers within the UK, offering landline, broadband, TV and a Sports subscription service. BT also own nearly all the telephone pipes and telephone cables in the UK through its Openreach subsidiary. If you would like to sign up to a BT service then you should call their dedicated Join BT helpline 0800 100 400. Alternatively if you are an existing BT customer and you require technical support advice on an issue with your landline then you should phone 0800 800 151, or contact BT on 0800 111 4567 if you need troubleshooting advice for a BT Broadband or Email service.
Phone calls to BT’s 0843 phone numbers are charged at business call rates. Phone calls to all 0800 numbers, including numbers such as BT’s 0800 800 150 number, are free of charge from all UK phones.


Email & Postal Addresses

If you would prefer not to call someone due to you busy schedule or simply an aversion to being placed on hold you can contact BT by going to their official web portal for FAQs and links to text-based chat windows with live advisors. Alternatively you can write to BT using their general enquiries postal address:

Customer Service Manager,
BT Customer Correspondence Centre,
Providence Row,
DH98 1BT,
United Kingdom.