AA Contact Number

For immediate assistance with car breakdown, you can phone the AA for free on their emergency breakdown contact number 0800 88 77 66.

Driving is a somewhat dangerous activity that could result in an accident if you’re not careful or if you’re not fully paying attention to the road. Reckless driving that results in either a minor or major accident will immediately diminish or even stop your car from running ever again. Another reason as to why you may want to dial the AA’s helpline is because your car just conked out because of any number of seemingly unknown reasons. The causes could be wear and tear, environmental stresses to your vehicle or reckless or improper driving technique.

How to contact the AA by phone

If you’re in need of emergency assistance from the AA then dial 0800 88 77 66.

If you would like your car checked or serviced but it’s not an emergency then you can call them up on 0800 085 2721.

For claims on car insurance, you can phone AA insurance on their freephone contact number 0800 269 622.

You can also call them for free on 0800 316 3983 to talk about their home insurance products.

If you’d rather send them a text message because it’s the only available means of communication you have when you experience a breakdown then please send the details of the incident and your request to 07860 027 999.

Join the AA on Social Media

The AA is also very actively engaging their customers on social media. If you’re on Twitter, you can tweet them @TheAA_UK. You can also add them on Google Plus on plus.google.com/+TheAA. Their Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/TheAAUK.